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Senja, 20 years old, Helsinki/Finland
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Your comments are most welcome, but I do have a few guidelines for you to read should you feel uncertain about posting your comment. I moderate each comment before publishing and if your comment fails to meet these guidelines, the comment will not be published. You may comment in English, Finnish, Dutch, French or Swedish as those are the languages I understand.

Puukengät doesn't approve any comments containing any of the following:

1. Vulgar, obscene, offensive, threatening or harassing language
2. Defamatory statements and false claims
3. Any form of discrimination on the basis of race, age, religion, gender and so on
4. Sexual content or links to sexual content
5. Unnecessarily off-topic content

Note that I also reserve the right to remove and edit any comment I deem inappropriate for my blog, even after it has been published. I will not tolerate comments with very little real content with links promoting your site/company/blog. I also strongly advice you to use a nickname/link so I can properly address you when replying to your comment.

Common sense and courtesy go a long way!

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