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Senja, 20 years old, Helsinki/Finland
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Puukengät is a personal style and lifestyle blog written by Senja Y. (Sensaatio). 

All the opinions expressed on this blog and in the comments are of their respective owners.

All the pictures and images, unless otherwise stated, are from my private collections. Non-commercial use of my photography is allowed only when the picture is linked back to my blog. 
For any other uses, contact me first via email.
If you see a picture here on my blog that hasn't been linked back properly, 
please contact me so it can be fixed.

Plagiarism is not allowed. Do not copy my texts and post them as your own. 
If you wish to share my posts on your site or blog, please contact me via email.

Unless otherwise stated, the items shown on my blog have been privately purchased.
Commercial posts will be clearly marked and the readers will be informed of possible affiliate links.
Puukengät makes use of cookies.
Cookies are small files saved on your hard drive to help websites and applications to gather information.
The information gathered by Puukengät is used solely to track page views and visits with Google Analytics.
The information will remain confidential.
If you wish to disable cookies, go to your browser settings.

If you have any further questions, please contact me via email. (

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