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Friday, August 23, 2013

Words that are spinning in my head

Puukengät Senja Lapland marshland Finland summer

It is starting to become very clear to me that I simply can't blog when I'm in the middle of some inner turmoil. Usually it's because I'm not sure how I should address those deep, unfinished thoughts here on my blog, but as I can't ignore them either and blog about the superficial things in my life, I am left with no other choice than to neglect my blog. Or at least that's how it feels, and of course, it's not entirely true. I could just blog about how I feel. Some of you might wonder why I am going to blog about all of this. Wouldn't it be much easier to blog about how I had a lovely Sunday making and eating sushi with my friends? For some other people, perhaps, for me, not at all. Yes, it's very personal and some people won't like it but hey, it's my blog and I blog for my own pleasure. Not writing makes the words just spin around in my head and not blogging makes me miss my lovely readers. So, I'm going to make myself a cup of tea and try to blog about everything that's going on with me. (you should probably get yourself a cup of your preferred beverage as well, this might get lengthy)

It's almost September, my blog is almost two years old, and I am once again in a position where I have to figure out my next steps. I did not get into university, which, while not surprising with only 25 getting into the program of my choice, was a big disappointment for me. People around me have all been very supportive but I am disappointed. Disappointed in myself, disappointed in the system and disappointed in the world. Still, I don't feel like I failed, even though I threw away the letter bearing the bad news, and not without tearing it into tiny pieces. I did what I could and it didn't work out. This time, at least.

After all the minor and major setbacks in my life I have learnt to move forward. I have come a long way from last year, as this year I have a place of my own and a job to help me support myself. No more living in other people's homes for me. My job also keeps my mind occupied so that when I'm working, I am not thinking about anything else. I also have my friends and family around me and I get to spend time with them regularly. D still isn't here in Finland with me, and it's tough but I'm doing my best to cope.

Coping, however, seems to be a lot harder this time around. One night I can't sleep and I end up mopping the floors at 2 am, the next I could sleep 24/7. Some days I barely eat and my kitchen fills up with dirty tea cups and empty pineapple juice cartons. Then I try to get a hold of myself and I clean up, bake bread, cook and try to eat. Or I wind up seeking solace from the two men I know I can trust: Ben and Jerry. I watch TV for hours, get tired of it and then I clean up the entire apartment, make a dozen lists of how I'm going to be more active and then I get tired of it too and nothing happens.

I don't want my life to be like this. I want my life to be like my Pinterest boards or like life seems to be for those people who have it all. Yet I know that things will never be perfect. Something will always go wrong and things could always be worse. I have a home, I have a job, I have a wonderful man worth waiting for, I have family and friends to keep me going when things seem to go wrong and I know I am lucky or blessed or both to have the difficulties with trying to decide where I'm going to go with my life. Many people don't have the choice and I do. It's just very difficult to see it.

The other night I was watching a documentary film about Grace Kelly and they were showing footage of her being asked about happiness. She replied that she has had many moments of happiness but she doesn't believe that happiness is a permanent state of mind.

If things worked out the way I want, I would win the lottery tonight. 10 million euros (minus the taxes) would make it possible and easy to help myself, my family, and even people I don't even know but need the help. It would all be so easy and while money doesn't make you happy, it enables you to do things that make you happy in a way that you normally can't. In real world, when you are not a millionaire, you have to make sure there is still money left when the month is over and you have to wait and work for things. Yet somehow I think that having all the money wouldn't make me permanently happy either.

Patience. I want to win the lottery and have things handed to me but learning to be patient would probably be more useful. Taking each day as it comes and working towards achieving the things you want. I thought I was getting better at it but it's a struggle not to lose hope. Even though I'd like to keep the three unfit topics (as taught by a certain study counsellor years ago) of sex, politics and religion, out of my blog, I have to say that sometimes I wish I had more faith in God, or the church, or any higher power that might be out there caring for us. As Marx put it, religion is the opium of the people, and while people often view it as a negative thing, there is a lot of comfort in religion and faith. Especially in times like this when the future seems so unsettlingly insecure. (and there I venture into politics... must get a hold of myself!)

I don't know what I want to become when I grow up. I'm going to try and hope that I will get accepted into an university of applied sciences here in Helsinki so that I can start studying journalism this coming January. I do know that I want to be happy. I would like to find out if there is a way to be permanently happy, and if there is no way, I will try to bring more happy moments into my life. Having D around every day would help but I am going to seize this opportunity to find seeds of happiness (as we say in Finland) in other places too. That way I won't have to rely on one person to make me happy. I also won't have to wait for anything to be happy. I can be happy today, if I try. I believe that happiness stems from your own attitude rather than from certain events and things. The challenge lies in being able to stop for a moment and breath in those small things like slow mornings, a nice cup of tea and a rapid flow of words streaming through my fingers. Life can be so hectic and often I forget to stop and remind myself of the little things that are going perfectly well.

To wrap up this rambling post (yay if you made it here!) I'm going to wish you all a very nice Friday. I hope that everything is going well with you all, and now I am going to head to town for a lunch date with Trang. Then I'll be off to work and tomorrow it's time for Erica's '80s themed birthday party. Lots of fun times ahead for me and I'm going to do my very best to let them sink in and work their magic.


  1. Amazing post honey <3 See you soon!

  2. Hei Senja :) Luimpa pitkästä aikaa sun blogia, harmi ettet päässy yliopistoon mutta aina tulee uusia mahdollisuuksia! Millon tuut taas käymään hollannissa?

    1. Tekisi mieli tulla D:n syysloman aikoihin, mutta en tiedä miten onnistuu töiden kanssa... joululomalla olisi tietenkin taas yksi mahdollisuus jos pääsen aloittamaan opiskelut tammikuussa. (sitten ei olisi niin väliä töiden kanssa kun saan opintotuet yms) Viimeistään keväällä olisi tarkoitus tulla kuninkaanpäivän aikoihin jos ja kun mun isovanhemmatkin on tulossa... Kauhea ikävä Hollantia, eikä pelkästään D:n takia :( ♥

  3. I think it´s always good to only post, when you really feel like it and then ofc you should right what you want to, it´s your blog, no one eles' blog but yours. :)
    Sorry to hear you didn´t make it to the university, but it can take a while. Good you have a Plan B already! And maybe another programme is even the better choice.

    80's party sounds like fun, I love the 80's!! :)

    1. So nice that people understand :) Luckily I have been feeling like posting more and more often now!

      And yes, it really does suck that I didn't make it to uni, but there are plenty of options... and I can always try again! :)

  4. Anonymous23/8/13 16:47

    Huh, I don't know where to start. I won't bother you how I'm stucked and in worse position than you. :)
    You should let yourself discover "the real world" firstly, do some hobbies or whatever you like (especially if you have a job - it's giving you opportunities, find them, discover them). Blog about your dreams, thoughts, feelings, wonder about your own nature, wonder about other people, about system you already mentioned - why are things the way they are? There must be an explanation in our nature, right? We can't be defined as strictly good or strictly bad, can we? When you don't need to fight for your existence, you can have a lot of fun with thinking. My advice is not to dive into religion, religion is illusion that politicians can easily use as a weapon while fighting for their own purposes. Rather read some quality philosophy books and choose them by following your own nature of wondering! Seeking for happiness is just the first step. Soon you'll discover the power of YOUR body and you'll realize that you don't need God or anyone else taking care for you. It's door opening to any success and satisfaction. That way you'll get maximum from your youth. Don't run away from the doors, you're strong, do not choose God!

    1. You're right, I should just enjoy this time I have to figure things out... Later on when I do get to study and work and all that terribly grown-up stuff, I won't have as much time in my hands to find out who I really am and what it is that makes me extremely happy in this world.

      However, I do have to disagree a little with your views on religion and the church. I get your feelings, I used to feel very strongly the same way a few years back, probably because I was brought up a Lutheran and I felt the need to fight against the traditional and the narrow-mindedness that I found within the church back when I was 15... I never officially left the church and I'm still a member and I know plenty of intelligent, wonderful people who are actively religious. There are lots of good and bad and grey areas to faith and religion but to each their own. I was simply wondering if there was something in religion that would make me happy. I don't know.

      And as for the rest, I strongly agree with you that we all have the power to make ourselves happy by making the right moves.

      Thank you for your comment, I really do love it when people open up and share their views and thoughts! ♥

  5. Anonymous24/8/13 18:37

    I'm not sure if I should write in English or Finnish... Anyway, I read your older post and liked them a lot! My family just moved to Holland (though I'm leaving to London for a year) and it was nice to read your experiences about Holland. I hope you cheer up and continue blogging cause you are good at it! :)

    Visit My Blog One Less Lonely Dancer

    1. English or Finnish, I'm fine with both! (although Finnish is my native language, I use English for my writing and reading these days)

      I'm glad you enjoyed my posts, and I do hope you'll come back to my blog soon! I do intend to go back to blogging more regularly, as I like it a lot.. Also, I'm so glad you think I'm good at blogging, it's comments like these that make me come back after each break I take ♥


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