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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Interior decor ideas: living and sleeping area

Interior decor ideas for a combined living and sleeping area
4. H&M, 5. H&M 6. H&M, 7. H&M, 8. H&M , 9. Ikea
10. Ikea, 11., 12. Ikea, 13. Ikea, 14. Ikea

In my previous post I announced the exciting news about my new apartment. I also warned you that there will be a lot of interior decorating on my blog and here we have the first interior decorating themed post of all the posts to come.

As I'm not rich and my parents won't be decorating my apartment, I will have to get most of the furniture second-hand. Luckily my aunt and her boyfriend are moving out of their apartment, back to my grandparents for some time, until they can find another small apartment to suit their needs, so I will be getting some things from them, at least for the time being. I also already have some things that might come in hand. D is happy to purchase things too, as he will be benefitting from them as well when he moves to Finland.

The lamp on my inspiration board resembles a lot the ceiling lamp I already have. I had it in my old room at my parent's place and when I moved to my grandparents' two years ago, I brought it with me. So I will definitely have a round lace ceiling lamp in my apartment.

D and I can't agree on a bed. As my apartment is only a little over 3 meters (about 9 feet 10764 inches) wide, I don't want a huge double bed to take over the entire living area. A sofa bed would be the most logical choice, since some seating would be useful for when I invite people over. However, sofa beds aren't the most comfortable beds available so we have been considering getting a real double bed. I'd be happy with 140x200cm (standard double size bed) but D thinks that it's too small. He wants a 160x200 cm (queen size) bed. Mind you, neither of us is really that wide so I don't get the point. According to D, a 20 cm (about 8 inches) difference won't be the end of the world but in a small apartment, 20 cm might result in not being able to place anything on the opposite side of the room because there would be no space to walk around. But if in the end we manage to agree on a bed, we will probably get a cute headboard wall decal like the one in the picture. Real iron frame beds are quite expensive so I love the idea, even if I say so myself.

I actually already own the bed sheets in the picture, D and I got them as a Christmas present from my grandparents.

Pillows are such an easy and inexpensive way to spice up the room. As long as I'll be living on my own for the most part, I'll definitely be creating a more feminine feel to my home with pink, sequins, sparkle, lace and what not. My home is supposed to represent my style and until D moves in, or we move to a different place together, I won't be hiding my love for all things pink and sparkly.

As you know, I love knitting, and as soon as I'm done with all my other projects, I might knit (or even learn to crochet!) a blanket like the one in the picture.

I'm so happy that my aunt loves mirrors as much as I do. I had been considering buying the big Ikea mirror either new or second-hand but as it turns out, my aunt has the same one and she is very happy to let me have it for the time being. Saves me money and saves them (and my grandparents) storage space. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Usually I like sleeping in dark rooms so dark curtains would seem like an obvious choice but dark and heavy curtains would make my apartment look so much smaller. There's only one (big) window so light curtains are the smartest choice. The lace curtains in the picture are from Ikea but my mum might have simple white curtains hanging around somewhere. At least in the beginning I'm happy to accept any donations to save my little money. I'll upgrade when my budget allows me to.

My parents have an old dining table, much like the one in the picture, stored somewhere and I'll be getting that one. It's a nice table and it should match the wooden floors quite well.

Not sure how smart it is for me to get any real plants, as I tend to forget to water them, but I think I'll manage one or two plants. I'm also thinking of growing my own herbs, and the cute little greenhouse from Ikea would be perfect. Of course, it's not the first thing on my list, but it's cute.

I will be getting two chairs matching the dining table and that's about the amount I need on a daily basis, but for when I have guests, some fold-up chairs would be nice. These chairs from Ikea are quite price-y for my budget at the moment but perhaps I can find them second-hand. (on a side note, I hate how messily I added the picture to the board... but can't be bothered to fix it anymore)

Fairy lights are such a cliche at the moment, considering the amount of fairy light pictures I can find on weheartit and the like but I'll risk being cliche because I think they are so cute. I might feel different in a few years but who cares!

Among other things I'll be getting from my aunt, is a bean bag chair. The one I'll be getting (or holding for them) is not as dark as this one though, it's more of a light-brown colour. Not the most comfy choice of seating, but it saves me from having to buy a sofa chair or something like that, and it's better than sitting on the floor.

A lot of mix and match, just like the clothes I wear, but I'll take the challenge gladly. Getting everything right away would be a little boring, now I'm forced to use my imagination and creativity. The bed is the only problem at the moment, but if I can't come up with anything else, my aunt has a bed that should last me until D comes to Finland and we can go bed shopping. (I already feel sorry for the salespeople at Ikea or wherever we head for mattresses and such)

Can you tell I've been nesting ever since I heard the news?


  1. Leuk dat je je eigen appartement hebt. Inrichten is zo leuk, maar wel duur inderdaad. Gelukkig krijg je wat dingen.


    1. Ja, het is zo duur... gelukkig heb ik al allemaal keuken spullen etc dus ik hoeft niet alles nu kopen :)

  2. Die eerste lamp is echt heel erg tof! :) Veel succes! :)

  3. Anonymous16/3/13 12:52

    Minä (ent. Furi) tein nyt blogiuudistuksen ja korublogin tapaan siirsin pelkät kynsiaiheet omakseen. Jätän muut aiheet taakseni ja jatkan näiden rakkaiden harrastusten parissa. Saapi tulla moikkaamaan, jos kynnet kiinnostavat! :)

    MaxiMUM Nails

    Ja korublogin puolella on muuten arvonta! Tule osallistumaan! ;)

    1. Lisäsinkin tuon blogisi Bloglovinin lukulistalle :)

  4. leuke board meis! h&m heeft idd de leukste dingen. :) zara home ook wel maar die is zoooo duur.

    1. Dankje! Zara Home is idd een beetje te duur... misschien later als mijn budget iets hoger is :D

  5. Exciting you move into your own flat! :) Be carefull with old furniture from kierrätyskeskus, we had trouble in our house with bedbugs brought via old mattrasses. Luckily they never came to us, but since them I stopped buying from kierrätyskeskus... But ikea has so much nice things, I guess our flat is 80% Ikea. ;)

    Sure, they have tuition fees in the Netherlands! That´s also a reason why I studdied in Finland, in my hometown in Germany I would have paid as well and couldn´t move out from home. Hopefully you´ll get a study place in Finland. :)

    I always try to write at least a small translation into English, but the last time I got a little lazy... I was even thinking about writing only in English, but I have the impression German readers don´t like that too much... ;) But I work more on texts in both languages and I will write about "being a foreign here", I definitely have to say something about that! ;)

    1. It sure is exciting, I've never lived completely on my own yet, it's actually a little scary too :D

      Kierrätyskeskus would be cheaper but bedbugs are indeed a major problem... there's actually a bedbug inspection coming up in the building but luckily it's before I move in so if there are any, they will be destroyed before I bring in my furniture.

      The tuition fees in NL aren't that high but I figured it would be better to save that money and study here. Especially since getting a house in NL is such a pain. No wonder people live at their parents' place until they graduate and get a full-time job. Living at my fiancé's parents or grandparents isn't really an option though, I'm much too Finnish for that. Short periods of time are fine, and I like his family a lot, but years and years of living under someone else's roof... No thanks!

      At times I'm ambitious enough to write my posts in three languages but lately it's been only in English. It's so weird that English has become my main lingua franca, I even think in English. Luckily Google Translate didn't do too much damage to your text so it was understandable :)

  6. Oijjoii. :) Suloisia juttuja löytynyt ! Etenkin tuo pitsilamppi, kaunis. Kyllä siulle kiva koti tulee.

    Indie by heart

    1. Toivon mukaan tulee kiva :) Hauskaa kun pääsee sisustamaan ihan omaa kotia, vaikka onkin näin pienellä budjetilla :)

  7. love this! thanks for sharing :)

  8. I love the headboard idea; I want one for my future bed!

  9. Leuke inspiratie :D


  10. Beautiful inspiration! (:


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