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Monday, June 17, 2013


rhubarb jam Senja homemade pilttipurkki raparperihillo rhubarb pie baking raparperipiirakka

Hey everyone, I hope you weekend went well! I spent mine with my friends, going out on Friday, watching movies on Saturday and just hanging out on Sunday.

Last week I got some rhubarb from my grandmother and on Saturday I made a rhubarb pie. As I did not want to eat rhubarb pie every day, I had to come up with something else to do with the left-over rhubarb. Freezing it would have been an option had it not been for my tiny freezer. Since I also had plenty of limes left over from Friday, I decided to make a small batch of rhubarb jam. I did not quite master the recipe though, a little too much sugar I think, as the end result is somewhat caramel-like. It tastes good but I am still not entirely pleased. Better luck next time.

The rhubarb pie was made using a new recipe, which I did not quite like. I suppose I should have stuck to the recipes used in my family for decades, even if this pie was okay. Okay, but most certainly not spectacular. The recipe asked for too much flour in my opinion and as a result the pie was somewhat dry despite of the rhubarb.

I will definitely have to get some more rhubarb from my grandparents' place, summer is not summer without a proper rhubarb pie. If you have a chance to bake one, you can try my grandmother's recipe:

An old picture from last year

Rhubarb pie


250 grams of butter
3 dl of sugar
3 eggs
1 dl of rye flour/whole grain wheat flour
5 dl of wheat flour
3 tea spoonfuls of baking powder
1 tea spoonful of ground cardamom
1 tea spoonful of ground ginger

rhubarb finely sliced
jelly sugar

coconut flakes/rolled oats


5 dl of sour cream/Turkish yoghurt
1 dl of sugar
2 eggs
vanilla sugar


wheat flour
rolled oats

1. Peel and slice the rhubarb
2. Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius
3. Mix the dry ingredients with each other
4. Cream the butter and sugar
5. Add the eggs one by one while continuously mixing
6. Add the dry ingredients into the mix
7. Pour the mix into an oven plate coated with baking paper
8. Add the rhubarb slices and sprinkle some jelly sugar on the top
9. Add the topping of your choice:
a) sprinkle coconut flakes or rolled oats on the top
b) mix all the ingredients and pour over the rhubarbs
c) turn the butter, sugar, wheat flour and rolled oats into a crumble and sprinkle over the rhubarbs
10. 30-40 minutes in the oven
11. Serve with vanilla sauce or ice cream


  1. omg, looks super delicious!

    1. Thanks, you should definitely try my grandmother's recipe, it is a-ma-zing!

  2. Aww, pitäisi leipoa taas pitkästä aikaa jotain herkkua! ^^ Kiitos reseptistä, mahtaa olla hyvää.

    Indie by heart

    1. Ole hyvä, toivottavasti maistuu ;)


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