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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flowers in the hall

Here's my outfit from yesterday, showcasing two new pieces I got from Trang when she was clearing out her closet. The floral shorts and the burgundy shirt are definitely nice additions to my closet. (or should I say suitcase?)

Oh and before everyone freaks out and starts worrying about the state of my engagement with D let me clear this out for you: I'm wearing my ring as a necklace merely because I want to let the atopic skin rash on my ring finger heal properly before putting the ring back on. (you can perhaps spot it on the bottom picture) We are still very much together and we will marry one day, whenever that might be. So no Chuck and Blair kind of break for us.

And yes, I'm aware that the strap of my bra is hanging low, I only noticed after I started editing the pictures and by then it was too late to go and take new ones. It happens so bear with me. (thanks to my sister anyways, otherwise the pictures are great)

My weekend was nice and lazy. Maria came by on Saturday afternoon and we had fun playing Ticket to Ride with my siblings. On Sunday I made a presentation for my in-laws. It's about vacation options in Helsinki. I would very much like them to come to Finland for their summer vacation so I thought that I might look into it for them so they can think about it. (and I wanted to practice my Dutch)

Yesterday I started studying for the entrance exams and I also went to the dentist's. (my aunt) She gave my teeth a proper chalk wash and a fluorine treatment and also fixed a cavity. My first cavity ever. Thank God for local anaesthesia even if the needle hurt and the left side of my lower face was numb for the rest of the evening.

Today I have a job interview (as a matter of fact I'm currently on my way there) so please keep your fingers crossed for me. After the interview it's time for more studying and when my siblings get home I'll make them take pictures of my job interview outfit. (okay, I'll ask them)

How has your week started off?


  1. Ääää oot söpö! <3 Ihanat värit tässä asussa!

    1. Kiitos samoin ♥ Ja tykkään kyllä kovasti viininpunaisesta ja noihin shortseihin ihastuin heti... onnea on ystävät, joilla on ylitsepursuava vaatekaappi :D ;)

  2. I love your new items! I think burgundy is very much your color.
    I kinda envy your possibilities of practicing Dutch:) While I live in NL, I have barely anyone I can talk to in Dutch ever since I left my job (and I don't mean the "Dank je wel" in the supermarket and so...)
    Hope your interview went well! And I'm glad to hear you and your fiancée are not to be taken apart by the physical distance <3


    1. Thank you so much!

      Perhaps I have to start commenting to you in Dutch and then you can practice by commenting back in Dutch :D I practice Dutch mostly with my fiancé, although lately I have been extremely lazy. Reading Dutch blogs, Dutch news and magazines helps too. Even Dutch music and TV, although here I don't have the chance to watch Dutch series. Now that I have reached the level of being almost fluent in it, I don't want to forget it.

      My interview went quite well, we'll see if I make it to the second round..

      Thanks for stopping by ♥

  3. Tosi hauskat shortsit, tykkään! :)
    Multa meni aivan ohi kihlat, joten Oikein oikein paljon onnea teille ♥

    Kiitos kommentista, olet ihana!

    Indie by heart

    1. Mäkin tykkään :)

      Ja kiitos paljon vaikka kihloissa ollaan oltu jo päälle 2 vuotta... saa nähdä meneekö 5 vuotta rikki ennen kuin päästään alttarille asti :D Eli et ole varsinaisesti missannut mitään kun en ole sitä erikseen viime aikoina maininnut :) ♥

  4. You look lovely. This colors look good on you.


  5. Cute outfit!!! and I LOVE your new hair!!! So cute!!!!


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