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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ordinary life

Sorry for not posting in the past days, I have been suffering from a cold and watching ER and Downton Abbey all day was much more attractive than using my brain and writing something.

On Friday I had my friend Maria's birthday party. It was so great seeing my friends again. First we ate cake and mini pizzas and drank sparkling wine at Maria's place, and of course we talked talked talked and talked a bit more. Then we headed to town, to a bar where Maria's sister knew the bartender so the drinks were cheap. We laughed and danced and had fun. Such a great time even if the club was quite quiet. Around 3 am we headed for pizza and then home.

Saturday and Sunday I spent at home, feeling sick, not because of drinking too much but because of the cursed cold. I had been feeling sick on Friday already but not sick enough to stay at home. So lots of tv and tea and bed rest for me. Not a very glamorous weekend.

On Monday morning I had my job interview that was supposed to be on Friday. Rescheduling didn't bother me though, because after the interview I went for a coffee with my friends P and Maria and with P we also decided to go window shopping, mostly for Dior make-up. I want a pink lipstick so I was trying to find the perfect shade. After I dropped P off for her bus, I went to the library and then I went for coffee with another friend. By the time I got home I was feeling rather sick again, probably from too much coffee.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I did nothing productive. Well okay, I did send out more job applications and I was invited to another job interview but apart from that, all I did was sneeze and watch TV.

Today I might go and get a package from the post office or then I'll just stay home and try to help my mother to clean up the house. But I did get invited to a job interview this morning so that's something. Two job interviews in the next two weeks is better than I imagined but I hope that more will come.

Tomorrow I am going to meet Trang, and perhaps I'll make her snap some outfit photos for me. We were also thinking about cleaning her closet (again) so that'll be fun.

I hope your week has been going well, I'll try to catch up with everyone's blogs asap!


  1. Täällä on oltu aika samanlaisissa tunnelmissa; flunssa vaivaa mutta pikkusen on toki voinut ystäviä nähdä ^^

    Onnea kaikista työkuulumisista; kyllä vielä jokin paikka nappaa sinut !

    Indie by heart
    ps. Kukee - kaulakorun arvonta!

    1. Joo on tuota flunssaa ikävästi liikkeellä. Onneksi nyt ollaan jo parantumassa :)

      Ja kiitos tsemppauksesta ♥

  2. Leuk dat je weer actief blogt :) en beterschap!


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