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Thursday, August 30, 2012

1-year blog anniversary (WIN A 20£ ASOS GIFT VOUCHER)

The very first picture I ever posted on my blog

Today it has been exactly a year since I started my blog and what a long way I have come! My blogging career started off quietly at first, because I wouldn't even tell anyone I had a blog. I thought that people would think it silly and pointless to have a blog. Luckily I was wrong and slowly but surely my blog got more and more readers.

The first 4-5 months I concentrated mostly on my personal life, with the occasional outfit pictures taken with my iPhone 3G or D's camera while I was visiting him in October '11. Some of the early posts have been now deleted mostly because they were much too personal. Back in the early days I clearly didn't know where to draw the line. Sharing personal thoughts and feelings publicly is fine to a certain point but nowadays I want to avoid posting overly personal things about my health and family and feelings. Those things I share with my family and friends and those close to me, no need to share them with the whole world.

During the spring '12 my blog has been slowly but surely growing more mature and more stylish, along with myself. I have now a clearer vision of what I want my blog to be and where I want to take it. More outfit posts, more general posts on style and fashion as well improved photos. Don't worry though, you'll still get to see bits and pieces of my life and my blog will still have some depth to it. I will also make sure to post regularly, no more unexpected blogging breaks and unexplained disappearances!

I truly hope you have enjoyed this first year of my blog, I know I have, and I hope you'll stay for the next year as well. My blog would be nothing without all of my wonderful readers and the feedback and inspiration I get from them. That is why I have prepared a special anniversary give-away for you.

This time I'm giving away a 20£ (that's ~25€ and ~32$) gift voucher to online store. The voucher will be emailed to the winner so make sure to leave your email address or a link to your if your email address can be found there. The give-away will end in a month, on September 30 at midnight (GMT+1) and comments left after that time will not be included in the give-away. I will announce the winner here on my blog the 1st of October and the winner will also be contacted personally through email.


- The give-away is open to everyone, you don't have to be a reader to take part
- Leave a comment on this post 
-Anonymous comments will not be accounted for so use a nickname and provide me with an email-address so I can contact you should you win!
- Following me via GFC and/or Bloglovin' will gain you one additional raffle ticket
- Following me on Twitter will gain you one additional raffle ticket
- Liking my Facebook page will gain you one additional raffle ticket
- Following me on Pinterest, Instagram(@sensaatio), and Fashiolista will each gain you one additional raffle ticket (leave your username in the comment so I can find you)
- Tweeting or blogging about the give-away will gain you one additional raffle ticket (leave a link or make sure to include @sensaatio in your tweet)
- So in total you can participate in the give-away with 10 raffle tickets!
- Make sure to write in your comment how many raffle tickets you have!
- The winner will be chosen randomly using

Good luck to everyone!!

**note: this give-away isn't sponsored


  1. Yay, two raffle tickets for me :D ja Maria eli Masa tässä hei, etköhän saa muhun yhteyden halutessasi :D

    1. Tsk tsk pitäisi laittaa sähköpostiosoite :DD No ehkä mä saan suhun jotenkin yhteyden.. :D

  2. Kahden arvan voimin mukana!

    Superisot onnittelut 1-vuotiaalle! ((;

    1. Kiitos onnitteluista ja oikein paljon arpaonnea! :)

  3. 1.bloglovin
    2.twitter (@La_Lara1)
    3.Facebook (La Lara Fashion)
    5.Fashiolista (La_Lara)

  4. Mulle neljä lippuu kiitos! :) kehtaan nyt osallistuu tämmöseenkin :D

  5. Onnea ensimmäisestä "rajapyykistä" blogin kanssa :) Mullakin itseasiassa on tässä ollut eka vuosipäivä, mutta se vähän unohtui ja jäi :D Musta on ihanaa nähdä kuinka sun blogis menestyy, ja ymmärrän hyvin haaveet blogin kehittämisestä - niitä tulee itsekin käytyä läpi päivittäin :) (ja toivon mukaan mun opinnot auttaisivat siinä myös jotenkin.)

    Osallistun tottakai myös arvontaan, huimalla 7 lipulla, löydyn jokaisesta joko omalla nimelläni tai nimimerkillä Silvertigo :)

    Ihanaa viikonloppua sinulle! ♥

    1. Kiitos paljon ja se on kyllä ihanaa kun blogin kautta löytää samoista asioista kiinnostuneita ihmisiä, jotka ymmärtää niin loistavasti näitä bloggausjuttuja, aivan eri tavalla kuin ne, joilla ei ole omaa blogia :)

      Oikein ihanaa viikonloppua sinullekin! ♥

  6. Uuuh very exciting!!! Me has two tickets. terveisin erkkiperkki :D

    1. Erkkiperkillekin terveisiä ja oikein ihanaa syntymäpäivää ♥

  7. congrats! that is so cool :) wow, one year!
    btw her is one tip, add share buttons below ur post, so people can share it on twitter or facebook :)

    1-follow u with GFC
    2-follow u on twitter(@sfb__)


    1. Thank you so much and I took your advice and added the share buttons, can't believe I had forgotten it! :D

  8. Thank you so much for the follow,honey.^^
    Follow you back on gfc and bloglovinm #48

  9. Ik doe ook mee en hopelijk win ik hahah :D Ik volg je op twitter en facebook!

    Liefs, Sanne

  10. helo nice giveaway
    gfc Anastasiat
    bloglovin through e-mail
    twitter AnastaciaTz
    fb anastasia tzimopoulou

  11. Leuk om te lezen hoe je eerste jaar is verlopen. Zo af en toe iets persoonlijks is niet verkeerd, maar goed dat je voor jezelf een grens hebt bepaald.

    Ik ben inderdaad gek op Asos, dus bij deze doe ik mee. Ik volgde je al op Bloglovin en heb je nu geliked op facebook. De andere kanalen maak ik geen gebruik van!

    1. Dankjewel! En leuk dat je meedoet, ik vind Asos ook geweldig :)

  12. Anonymous14/9/12 13:56

    I wish you happy blogaverssary, I am your new reader. :)
    1.GFC: Bela Lugosi
    2.Following you on Twitter: LibertinaGrimm
    3.Liked your Facebook page: Marija Basta
    4.Following you on Pinterest: Marija Basta (libertinagrimm)
    5.Following you on Lookbook: Bela Lugosi
    6.Following you on Fashiolista: Bela Lugosi

  13. Hey!) Happy Blogaversary!
    GFC: Lulu
    Pinterest: lulufleg Lulu F

  14. Happy blogaverssary!!
    1.gfc Marilena Kat
    2.twitter MarilouKat
    3.fb page Marilena Kat
    5.Instagram marilenakat

  15. GFC: Grace Lavender
    Liked your facebook Page: Natalie Lee


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