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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shoplog Primark

Two shirts 
Bikini (not from Primark!) 
Coat with cute scalloped details 
Hair extension thingy (what is it called in English?) for making a sock bun 
 Red sandals for summer
 Navy blue trousers
 Black wedge heels
 Little pig door stop

I still need a new bikini or two, right now I have three bikinis and I don't think I can survive two weeks in Italy with only three bikinis. Unfortunately Primark's bikini department was pretty scarce and we had no better luck at H&M. Finally at New York (shop, not the city, although I wouldn't have minded an emergency shopping trip to NYC) we found this cute pair of bikini, again navy blue so I hope to find a white bikini too. We found one more blue bikini on Monday by Esprit, but I still want more bikinis. Or just one pair that isn't blue.

Inspiration post will follow.


  1. Superbes achats !
    J'adore ton maillot de bain et ta veste !

  2. Lovely! I like the coat.


  3. Buy red bikinis instead of white! Will look good with the sandals :p omigooood love that jacket, imma soo jealousss :I

    1. I probably should buy red bikinis... but I want a white one too! :D

      I knew you'd love the coat, they had it in red and black too, and it was only 35 euros :P

    2. So cheap! Luckily I don't need a jacket otherwise I would've forced you to buy one to me too :D

  4. Ihanaa katsella näitä ostoksia! Voin vaan kuvitella millaista siellä on kun niin haluan rans taas Primarkiin :D ihana takki!

    1. Hih, Primark oli kyllä mahtava kokemus :D

      Kiitos, takki oli todellinen löytö, ja pakkohan se oli sitten napata mukaan kun ei ollut kalliskaan :)

  5. Anonymous4/1/13 14:19

    hello plz plz telle if this coat still available in store or not ???

    1. I bought the coat in the end of July so I'm not sure if it's available anymore... I did see it in sales in September so the chances are big that it isn't available :/


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