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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday tag

This week's post is about 100 things I love, so brace yourself for a long list of lovely things that randomly come up in my mind!

100 things I love

1. Daniel
2. My family
3. My friends
4. Seeing D after a long time of not seeing each other IRL
5. Kisses
6. Hugs
7. Waking up next to D
8. Genuine smiles
9. The way little kids think
10. Candlelight
11. Ice-cream
12. Watching movies and TV-series with D
13. Random acts of kindness
14. Sunshine
15. A snowstorm outdoors while I'm indoors wrapped in a blanket
16. Books
17. Music
18. Candlelit baths
19. Shoes that look and feel great
20. Clothes
21. Candy
22. Baking
23. Clean rooms
24. White interiors
25. The smell of the rain
26. Silence
27. Laughter
28. Making new friends
29. Blogging
30. Coming across a great new blog
31. Receiving a lovely comment on my blog
32. Shopping
33. Lying in bed the whole day without a care in the world
34. Pretty paintings
35. Flowers
36. Food
37. Sleeping till noon
38. Woolen socks
39. Hot chocolate
40. Tea
41. Long discussions
42. History
43. Learning new things
44. Singing
45. Acting
46. Dancing
47. Thinking
48. Taking pictures
49. Playing Sims
50. Christmas
51. Vappu
52. Pulla
53. Movies
54. Cake
55. Coca cola
56. Fanta
57. Cycling
58. Being comforted by someone when feeling blue
59. Making up after a fight/argument
60. Waking up to the sound of rain
61. Breakfast in bed
62. Hot showers
63. Baths
64. Crepes
65. Whipped cream
67. Going to bed after a long day
68. Taking your shoes off after being on your feet the whole day
69. Cafes
70. Comfy chairs
71. Seeing people you haven't seen in a while
72. Movie theaters
73. Restaurants
74. Traveling
75. Cupcakes
76. Apple juice
77. Pineapple juice
78. Mango juice
79. Cosmopolitans
80. Salmari
81. Champagne
82. Medium steaks
83. Bacon
84. Pasta
85. Pepper cheese
86. TV-series
87. Sprite
88. Parties with friends
89. Birthdays
90. Getting presents
91. Giving presents
92. People confiding in me
93. Sauna
94. Massages
95. Receiving packages and letters in the mail
96. Fast computers
99. Fast internet connection
100. Remembering all the good little things that matter in life

And the list goes on...


  1. Tiäkkö kuinka paljon juuri toivon, että mulla olisi toi kohta 99. just NYT. :D
    Eivaan, ihana lista ! (: <3

  2. No. 15, 23, 24, 26,40,41,48,56,60,61,73,75,78,87,99,-I can identify so much with these! Loved reading about you.

  3. Lista ei näyttänytkään niin pitkältä kun pelkäsin :D Tosi mielenkiintosia asioita ja ihanaa kun keksit noin monta :) Mistä oikein saat näitä ideoita blogiis? Tosi hyviä :))

    1. Ei se loppujen lopuksi ollutkaan niin pitkä, vaikka puolivälissä iskikin paniikki, että miten näitä enään keksii :D

      Ideoita saan muiden blogeista, ja myös kavereilta, ja tietenkin itsekin välillä keksii uusia juttuja... yleensä keskellä yötä kun pitäisi nukkua ;)


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