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Monday, August 6, 2012

Guest pen Trang: My weekend - Madagascar 3 and Pikku Nepal

Hello all chubby bunnies! So cause Senja is camping two weeks without internet connection I, Trang,  promised to help her by doing some blogging so you guys wouldn’t be bored.  Senja has multiple times tried to get me start blogging but I’ve insisted cause I know how lazy I can be so there wouldn’t be posts coming regularly… Anyway we made a compromise that I would try blogging as a guest pen so here we go!
                                       Did my make-up with Urban decay: Naked palette

 Dress&belt: Via Ebay, Jacket Banana republic, Bag: Marimekko, Shoes: Vagabond (model Florence)

My weekend started with a meeting at my sister’s workplace. There she decorated my nails cause we would be passing flyers on next week so she wanted to do something different to my nails. If some of you are interested, she works at Chenni’s world at Siltasaarenkatu 12 00530 Helsinki (Hakaniemi).

After we were done with my nails I had a date with my boyfriend and we went to see Madagascar 3 3D dubbed in Finnish. You have no idea how excited I was cause I’m big fan of animations! (Like Sensaatio I, too, H-A-T-E horror films.) I have to say it was very good and I bursted into laughter many times. People usually say that sequels sucks, but not at least in Batman’s case or for the animation movies that I have seen (Ice age, Toy story). 

                                                                        Our snacks

On Saturday we woke up very late and then we headed for Itäkeskus hunting a tunika for me. Of course I didn’t found the kind of tunika I wanted when I had a payman krhm boyfriend… (Do you see what we have in common with Senja here?)  Why do I find all the items I want and need when I’m broke and alone?? Does this happens to anyone else than me? Anyway I left with empty hands and heart-brokened cause I felt as a failure cause I didn’t find anything nice as a shop-a-holic. Buhuu.

                                                                        Picture here

Later that evening I was supposed to be cleaning up but instead I was reading this documentary director’s, Micheal Moore’s, book "Stupid, white men" (in Finnish Tyhmät, valkoiset miehet) which tells about how corrupted USA is. It’s 11 years old book but it’s still fascinating to read about a book that tells you how these greedy politicians are screwing up everybody and using taxpayer’s money to help themselves gain more money. Although this book is non-fiction, it’s very funny due to its heavy sarcasm and I recommend this to all people who are interested about what’s going on in this world.

           Dress: Cawaii, Jacket: Banana republic, Bag: Marimekko, Shoes: Adidas, Glasses: D&G

As for Sunday I did nothing wise since it’s my official lazy day. Just helped my sister to print those flyers and then I headed with my sisters to greet grandpa and grandmom. After that we headed to this restaurant named Pikku Nepal in Kamppi where’s Indian cuisine. I myself ordered lamb in coconut cream with cashews (Btw Senja couldn’t have eaten this since she is allergic to peanuts HA!) and it was very good with the rice and naan-bread.

So that was my weekend and I'm sorry that it became very long post and that's the reason why I'm not going to write it in Finnish, otherwise it would be just too long (this has nothing to do with my laziness of course). If you have anything to ask, then comment below and I will be replying you back by my username merssuliini.


  1. cute style! love the trench!

    Come check out my blog!

  2. good posting about Guest pen Trang: My weekend - Madagascar 3 and Pikku Nepal

  3. Love ur trench coat! Glad to meet you on Senja's blog! Hope you will visit me sometimes!
    Style-Delights Blog

  4. Trang, you are gorgeous! I've been meaning to go see the Madagascar 3 as well, and I'm happy to hear from everyone it's good. :) And I have to say that your outfit is so fabulous - gotta also say the same as Senja, it would be lovely to read a blog from you (I mean, the clothes I've seen on her, from you, have been beautiful. That tells to me that you have an amazing style.), but at least if we can hear from you in the form of guest blogging, it's cool. :) Have a lovely weekend! ♥

    1. Thank you very much for your compliments! :) Now I wish I wouldn't be that lazy so I could start a blog haha :D But my school is starting soon, so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have time for that :/ But let's continue this form of friendship we have now :) Have a wonderful weekend you too sweetheart! <3

  5. Such lovely photos :) The food looks delish and the nails are simply aamzing :) Lovely.

    Lots of love,

    Enter my studded corset giveaway in collaboration with Kat Valdez!

    1. Thanks! You also have pretty cool pics in your blog :)

  6. Love this outfit, the dress is soo cool! :)


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