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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hello there July!

Senja Y Puukengät outfit lace top neutral colours black Cambridge Satchel company 15" batchel

Senja Y Puukengät outfit lace top neutral colours black Cambridge Satchel company 15" batchel

Senja Y Helsinki Puukengät

Senja Y Puukengät outfit lace top neutral colours black

Senja Y Puukengät outfit lace top neutral colours black

This post is dedicated to my friend Erica who informed me that it was time to get blogging again...

I can not believe it is July already! Only one week to go until D is here again and less than two weeks to go until I get the much awaited letter from the University of Helsinki. Whether it will be a letter of acceptance or rejection is still unknown, all I know that on the 16th of July I will be getting mail. (of course, I will check the results online the very minute it is the 16th but still, I will be getting mail)

Waiting is driving me somewhat crazy. Yesterday I got the letter of rejection from the History department, which was not a big deal. My heart beats for the communications department anyways and considering that the application system for universities and universities of applied sciences is changing next year in favour of those who have yet to get accepted into a school, I was not entirely certain whether or not I should put much effort into a study I don't really want to do. If I had been accepted there, I would've had no other choice but to take the offered position and my dreams of studying communications would have become pretty much unattainable. At least here in Finland.

Good thing there are things like work and friends to keep me on the sane side. These pictures were taken two weeks ago when I was strolling the town with my friend. There are yet no other outfit pictures because last week was spent at work from Monday to Friday and during the weekend I could not be bothered to do any posing. Not to mention that the latest expansion pack to the Sims 3 came out last week so it was perhaps not entirely unexpected that I disappeared from the face of the Earth.

No matter how much I try to avoid thinking about it, July is here, and July will bring me either great things or great disappointments, or more realistically speaking, both. D will be here, we are planning on going to Lapland together, there will be parties with friends and visiting family. Summer-time in Helsinki is amazing, and I will do my very best to enjoy it while it lasts. 

Actually, tomorrow I will go to Suomenlinna with Erica. I haven't been there in over a year, and last year I didn't even visit it during the summer so it's going to be very nice to go there to lie in the sun *knocks on wood* and to hopefully forget all about letters and other grown-up stuff. 

Coincidentally it happens to be the 4th of July tomorrow so I hope all my American readers will make it a great day.

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