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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer trip '12




More Tuscany

Bibbona, Tuscany


San Gimignano


Lake Lugano, Switzerland


My apologies for making this post a massive one, I simply wanted to be done and over with it and putting everything in one huge post seemed like the easiest thing to do. Lazy as I am, I'm going to write this post in English only and I won't be writing a lot either since the post is already heavy on pictures.

In case someone doesn't know/remember, I went to Italy with D and D's family. We stayed the first 8 nights on a big camping near Bibbona, Tuscany and I must say, camping wasn't as bad as I thought. Sure the tent was quite warm and there wasn't exactly a lot of privacy but hey, I survived to tell you the story! 

Some days we stayed at the camping and the pool the whole day, the others we made trips to the near-by cities and villages like Pisa, Lucca, Bolgheri and so on. I also enjoyed just driving around (or having D drive me around) and enjoying the gorgeous scenery. Tuscany is definitely beautiful, even if rather hot, in August.

After 8 nights we drove close to the French border and stayed 3 nights at a camping there. We also visited Monaco while there, and from the French border we headed to Switzerland, to Lake Lugano, our last camping area and spent the rest of the vacation (3 nights or so) there. Lake Lugano was breathtakingly beautiful, we had the most gorgeous view of the lake while sitting in front of the caravan. 

We also visited Milan, where we got to do some shopping and then it was time to head back to NL. The drive home went much faster than the drive to Italy, which was almost 24 hours, but then, we were also closer to home already. 

All in all I'm happy I decided to join D and his family on this vacation, my world is a little bigger again.


  1. Wat een heerlijke foto's. Italie is zo mooi.

  2. oh I adore Tuscany! I'd love to go there again :) :)

  3. great pics! I've been there too this summer :) ♥

  4. So, you are "Under the Tuscan Sun? :)) I hope you have watched that movie by the same name.
    Love all the pictures you have shared here ! Love the beautiful blue sky and sea ! And you look so good in that blue outfit and hat. Tuscany is really a beautiful place, its natural landscape is amazing.

    1. Yes, under the hot Tuscan sun! I haven't seen the movie but I will certainly look it up at some point :)

  5. That place is AMAZING! You took some real nice pictures! I would love to visit there one day!

    Nice blog :)

  6. I spend the summers in Switzerland I love Lake Lugano...that whole part of the country is soooo beautiful.
    So glad you got a chance to enjoy it :)

    1. The lake was indeed amazing, one of my favorite destinations :)


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